These aren’t step by step instructions but should explain the basic idea I came up with. This exercise taught me whole bunch about how to work with Zapier to create an extemely helpful Rube Goldberg Machine and can hopefully help/inspire you to create something similar.

1) Create a Facebook page, this creates a great way to get in your friends notifications, but don’t share it yet as you will be iterating on this Zap

2) Sync HealthKit (Apple Watch) workout to Google Sheets via HealthFit

3) Create a “Stats” worksheet in your Workouts Google Sheet

4) Add Label and Value cell headers

5) Add the text “Total Distance” in the Label column alongside the following formula =SUMIF(Walking!A:A, ">="&date(2019,11,1), Walking!G:G)/1000

A screenshot of the Google Sheet

6) Create a Zap, this should be triggered by a new spreadsheet row

7) Add a Google Sheets Lookup action against your stats worksheet for your total distance, this will lookup by the Label “Total Distance” and retrieve the total from that formula you added earlier

8) Add a “Create Page Post” action

A screenshot of Zapier

I tried adding an entry to my stats for the latest distance walked, so that the post could sound something like “I just walked x km giving me a total of y towards my 60 km goal”, but even after adding dollar signs to the cell reference it kept pointing to the same cell as new entries were added. So the solution was to:

9) Create a Google Sheets Lookup action against the Walking worksheet, looking for the first entry with “Walking” as the type

10) Add a Formatter action to divide the distance by 1000

11) Update the Facebook Page Post action

Another screenshot of Zapier

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